• May 23, 2022

Project Playhouse

Project Playhouse

Project Playhouse 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

Project playhouse is an opportunity to provide an imaginary world where kids create make-believe stories that foster their development, leadership, and creativity. Providing children a space to call their own, with the funds raised from the event directly support’s Habitat in building and advocating for affordable housing.

We the spent first week of May cutting, constructing and painting two playhouses that turned out to be nothing short of magical! The playhouses will go into a silent auction in the ReStore starting on Monday, May 16th and the highest bidder will be announced on Saturday, June 11th at the ReStore’s 5th birthday party!

Thank you to all who donated their time and resources for this project; to our volunteers for the design and construction of each playhouse, to Lowe’s for donating a portion of the wood and hardware, to Seashore ACE for supplying the paint, and to Dave Adam’s Roofing for gifting the materials needed to build the roof.

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