• February 2, 2023

Construction Update

Construction Update

Construction Update 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

104 – Progress on the grounds is coming along. Septic is installed and grading and fill are currently underway. The electric cut-in card has been submitted and we are waiting to hear from ACE about the electric lines being brought over from across the street. Hopefully a date for that will occur real soon! Plumber is finished until he comes back after septic, well pump and electric are finished. Awaiting deck design still, unable to get a completion date from the architect working on them. The perils of being a small job – low man on the totem pole.

103 – sealed plans have been delivered to Upper Township Construction Office. Plans were emailed to Superior Walls for a proposal. Currently seeking bids on trusses, plumbing, HVAC and electric. Septic and well contracts are already secured.

Sumner – deed has been filed with the clerks office. Environmental engineer is checking on CAFRA regarding multi-family and then we will seek a meeting with Middle Township to craft a plan for number and type of units.

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