• February 22, 2023

Construction Update

Construction Update

Construction Update 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

104 – Future homeowner and Habitat staff met yesterday to select flooring with Artisan Floors and Interiors who will be providing an in-kind contribution for product. ACE has been questioned about schedule for connection and only response was “awaiting bore team”. A preliminary interior punch list has been created including 17 items that will need to be addressed, some may be performed without heat – others will have to wait for electricity for air control purposes. Any needed volunteer help will be announced through When to Help.

103 – still waiting for decision on foundation wall height to put Superior Walls into production process. Deadline for subcontractor proposals is 02/24/2023. Have only received one response so far.

300 Wildwood – submitted signed clearing proposal to excavator, processing initial payment to learn timeline.

Sumner – No news from the environmental engineer regarding CAFRA status and project intentions.

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