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Construction Update 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

Construction Update

104 – Progress on the grounds is coming along. Septic is installed and grading and fill are currently underway. The electric cut-in card has been submitted and we are waiting to hear from ACE about the electric lines being brought over from across the street. Hopefully a date for that will occur real soon! Plumber is finished until he comes back after septic, well pump and electric are finished. Awaiting deck design still, unable to get a completion date from the architect working on them. The perils of being a small job – low man on the totem pole.

103 – sealed plans have been delivered to Upper Township Construction Office. Plans were emailed to Superior Walls for a proposal. Currently seeking bids on trusses, plumbing, HVAC and electric. Septic and well contracts are already secured.

Sumner – deed has been filed with the clerks office. Environmental engineer is checking on CAFRA regarding multi-family and then we will seek a meeting with Middle Township to craft a plan for number and type of units.

Construction Update 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

Construction Update

104 –
Received approval from the township for the electrical work.  Septic and grading might begin tomorrow, weather dependent. SJ Gas will have to reposition meter in conjunction with the grading. In process: arrangements for flooring selection and installation, arrival of the HVAC equipment for installation, (duct work is complete), architectural drawings for decks. Awaiting date from Atlantic City Electric for infrastructure work for connection. CMC Technical High School is on-board to help build decks and front overhang.
103 –
Final technical communication with pro-bono architect is taking place. Final sealed and signed drawings will be retrieved as soon as they notify us they are ready. Bid requests will then be distributed for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Septic and well contracts are already secured. Conversation with the CMC Technical High School is active and on-going for students to construct panelized walls for this build.
300 Wildwood –
Submitted requests to vendors for additional demolition and excavation proposals.
Sumner –
Deed has been filed with the county to satisfy DEP next steps. Awaiting word from consultant about final DEP approval.

Construction Update – January 16, 2023 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

Construction Update – January 16, 2023

As promised, we want to keep you all in the loop about where we stand with various projects so here goes:

104 E. Ocean – Modular
• Plumbing – initial work started, he will work with SJ Gas to run piping, will run stub for the HVAC and run water for outside spigot
• Electric – starts week of Jan 16th working with AC Electric to get meter ready to install
• HVAC – permit done, equipment to arrive within 10-14 days. Must have heat before hanging drywall
• SJ Gas has installed the gas meter although it may need to be relocated a bit higher due to grading around foundation
• AC Electric – Received contract and paid $8700 for them to run electric under the street awaiting date
• Decks -waiting for architectural plans for front and rear decks. Upon arrival Bill Patton will take to township and amend existing permit. Will begin construction as soon as received
• Estimated delivery date 8 weeks
103 E. Ocean – stick build
• Start in March
• Architectural plans in final stage – preliminary plans approved by township
• Superior Walls will be ordered as soon as permit is obtained
• Send out bids for sub-contractors
• Septic and well permits ordered
• Considering using roof trusses to give stand up attic as there will only be crawl space
• Electrician on-board and will work with students from CM Tech during installation
Wildwood Ave – stick build
• Permit to clear lot and remove existing structure obtained
• Tree Affect contacted for bid
• Will use existing plans and modify as needed.
• No room for deck – will install patio
Sumner Ave – 5 lots
• Filed the deed with Middle for properties
• DEP will give final approval when deed is approved
• Once approval is received, we will meet with Township Engineer with prospective plans to build 4-5 duplexes. If that fails, we will proceed with singles
As you can see, we are getting ahead of construction so that we can build one house right after another with little to no gap. We are financially able to this and are committed to do so. We are in the discussion phase with West Cape May to help the achieve their COAH requirements by end of 2025. We’ll keep you posted as discussions proceed.

– Dave Hammond, President

Burke Subaru Share the Love : Stud Party 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

Burke Subaru Share the Love : Stud Party

Scarecrow Contest at Secluded Acres 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

Scarecrow Contest at Secluded Acres

Habitat ReStore’s Super Volunteer will be on display at Secluded Acres throughout the month of October. As you can see, this volunteer like all of our ReStore volunteers is able to juggle all things. We love all of our volunteers and appreciate everything they do for Habitat – from construction to ReStore, and even helping us build haunted exhibits. Happy October.


Thank you to our sponsors, golfers and volunteers! 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

Thank you to our sponsors, golfers and volunteers!

Eight ways families put the “sweat” in sweat equity with Habitat 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

Eight ways families put the “sweat” in sweat equity with Habitat

  • Performing construction work on their home or another family’s home. Common activities can include framing or raising walls.
  • Clearing debris from build sites to make way for new construction.
  • Serving as a greeter or helping customers find the perfect item for their DIY project at our Habitat ReStore.
  • Writing thank you cards to local donors or filing or performing other administrative tasks.
  • Helping to serve lunches for volunteers on a build site.
  • Procuring donations for different fundraiser.
  • Speaking to the community at events.
  • Participating in homeowner classes. Throughout the process of purchasing their home, future homeowners can earn sweat equity credit as they learn about their mortgage, insurance, maintenance, home safety and more.
Celebrate The Cape May ReStore’s 5th Birthday! 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

Celebrate The Cape May ReStore’s 5th Birthday!

Project Playhouse 150 150 Habitat for Humanity

Project Playhouse

Project playhouse is an opportunity to provide an imaginary world where kids create make-believe stories that foster their development, leadership, and creativity. Providing children a space to call their own, with the funds raised from the event directly support’s Habitat in building and advocating for affordable housing.

We the spent first week of May cutting, constructing and painting two playhouses that turned out to be nothing short of magical! The playhouses will go into a silent auction in the ReStore starting on Monday, May 16th and the highest bidder will be announced on Saturday, June 11th at the ReStore’s 5th birthday party!

Thank you to all who donated their time and resources for this project; to our volunteers for the design and construction of each playhouse, to Lowe’s for donating a portion of the wood and hardware, to Seashore ACE for supplying the paint, and to Dave Adam’s Roofing for gifting the materials needed to build the roof.